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X-men Roleplay.
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This is A BRAND SPANKING NEW X-men Roleplay. To Join reply to the first post where you will be assigned a room and given a pager.

Well this is going to be along the lines of lunatic_cafe If your a mutant your welcome at our school. Just remember to keep an eye on what's going on.

The school was set up by a mysterious Benefactor, he found Scott Summers and his lover Emma Frost in a dimension where their relationship was frowned upon so he took them to his school and told them to welcome anyone with the X-gene, from Any dimension, even allowing doubles.
Everyone at the school is given a cell phone which means that even when their in the 'home' realities they can be contacted from the pocket dimension the school exists in.

Principles: Emma Frost and Scott Summers

Room Number Name
Suite 1 Emma Frost, Scott Summers
Room 1 Boys Wing Icarus, Angel
Suite 5 Ultimate Logan
Room 1 Girls Wing Gothic Jubilee
Room 2 Girls Wing Ultimate Rogue